The Shaw Group


Digital Surveillance Solution

The Shaw Group is currently in the process of constructing an 800-megawatt power unit for Duke Energy Corporation. FirstComm, Inc. has been a Page One Blue Book advertiser since 2005, and recently our company was invited to bid on a project to provide a digital surveillance solution to The Shaw Group for their jobsite in Cliffside, NC.

Upon receipt of the bid a FirstComm System Design Consultant scheduled a site survey with The Shaw Group's Electrical Superintendent for the Cliffside Project. Upon the completion of the survey FirstComm's consultant designed a Fiber Optic security system for The Shaw Group's needs. Fiber Optic Cabling was chosen over Copper Cabling due to the length of wire runs necessary to terminate the CCTV system.

In order to provide surveillance of the employee parking lot, FirstComm installed Panasonic SDIII PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras. The Panasonic SDIII provides the Shaw Group with a security camera with 540-lines of resolution as well as up to 300x digital optical zoom. FirstComm's design consultant recommended installation of 2 cameras for proper surveillance coverage of the parking area.

The Shaw Group also required a license plate surveillance solution for the construction site's front gate. FirstComm installed a Bosch REG-X Close-Range License Plate Capture Camera to monitor incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic from the Cliffside job site. The REG-X camera is capable of capturing license plate images day or night at speeds of up to 30 mph.

Finally, The Shaw Group required a surveillance system to monitor the job site's progression. The FirstComm system consultant suggested the installation of 3 fixed position SL70 1/2" ExView Starlight Sensitivity Professional Cameras fitted with outdoor housings.

The “Starlight” designation refers to the cameras ability to produce a clear picture under darkness with only the "starlight" to illuminate the image. This surveillance solution allows Shaw the ability to monitor the job site whether it's day or night.

The Cliffside project for The Shaw Group highlights how FirstComm, Inc. is able to customize a security solution for most any application. Our ability to offer a wide array of products allows FirstComm, Inc. to design the perfect digital security solution for our clients. Also, FirstComm's installation experience allows our organization to seamlessly integrate even the most complicated of security systems.

  • Client: The Shaw Group
  • Services: Digital CCTV Surveillance