Fitness On-Demand


Low-Voltage Systems Project

In February 2009 FirstComm, Inc. completed a multi-faceted project for a 24 hour gym in Mooresville. The task at Fitness on Demand highlights Firstcomm’s ability to deliver a turn-key low voltage systems package that fits our clients’ needs and budget.

Secure, 24-Hour Access

Fitness on Demand is a 24 hour fitness facility which requires the establishment to have a card access system to regulate visitors during late night and early morning hours. Firstcomm furnished the gym with an IEI Mini Max 3 card access kit with an additional 200 proximity key fobs for patrons. The Mini Max 3 can handle up to 2,000 proximity cards users at a time. The RTE motion sensor was installed in the front door directly below the door bell.

When an authorized card is read by the motion sensor, the 600 lb. magnetic lock is deactivated and the door is able to open.

The Mini Max 3 handles the access to the front door while additional exits are monitored by a Honeywell Vista 15P kit.

The access control was the first part of the overall security system for Fitness on Demand.

8-Camera Digital CCTV System

The second part of the security system that was installed came in the form of an 8 camera Digital CCTV system.

The system is anchored by a 9-channel DVR that features remote access viewing over an internet connection. A 500 GB Hard Drive gives Fitness on Demand ample storage for the cameras continuous video feeds. The feeds are displayed on a 17" LCD monitor that is located in the gym’s office.

With ample security for Fitness on Demand the next step was to provide audio and video entertainment to their customers. Firstcomm, Inc. installed 8 JBL Pro speakers in the workout area to ensure proper audio coverage throughout the establishment.

The audio content is provided by SIRIUS Satellite Business Music and the system is powered by a TOA 700 series amplifier. Both the SIRIUS receiver and the TOA amplifier are pictured in the built-in rack below.

Also pictured on the rack in the office are 4 DirecTV HD receivers. These receivers are connected to a roof mounted HD satellite dish. The satellite signal provides video content to a 47" LG 1080p LCD HDTV positioned above the free weight area and three 42" LG 1080p LCD HDTVs that are pole mounted in the Treadmill area.

Once again Firstcomm, Inc. was able to provide the commercial consumer a turn-key low-voltage system that was installed on-time and on budget. By allowing Firstcomm to handle the commercial A/V, CCTV, and access controls Fitness on Demand took advantage of a package discount.