Fairview Grill


Upgraded Audio and Video for Fairview Grill

FirstComm was asked to design and provide an audio video system upgrade to the new owners of Charlotte's Fairview Grill.

The existing system was antiquated and did not provide the experience the client desired. Upon consultation with the client, FirstComm recommended a solution that would include both 50" and 42" LG Plasma HDTV's and a Sanyo DLP Projector. Both articulating wall mounts and ceiling pole mounts were specified in the design to accomplish the most effective placement of the displays.

The system is built around 9 DirecTV H23 High Definition receivers that provide video feed via component (RGB) cabling. Additionally 2 DirecTV H11 standard definition receivers are used, one to provide signal to an existing display the client wished to keep active, and the other to provide XM radio for Business as a background music source. All receivers and displays are conveniently controlled by a Universal Remote MX450 remote control system. The Universal Remote MRF350 RF base station provides IR routing allowing the client to individually select a receiver and control it remotely from the dining area, thus allowing all of the head end equipment to be located in the back of the house.

Above the bar FirstComm installed three 42" LG Plasma HDTV's on articulating wall mounts. The articulating mounts were used to bring the displays forward and tilt for a more pleasing viewing angle. Additionally, two 50" LG Plasma HDTV's were installed on the existing shelves to the left and right side of the bar which previously held the CRT TVs.

In the booth area two 50" LG Plasma HDTV's were installed using ceiling pole mounts, and two 42" LG Plasma HDTV's were installed on the column using articulating mounts. These placements were chosen to provide the customers seated in either direction full view of the displays.

The front of the restaurant features the center piece of the system. A Sanyo 3000 lumen DLP projector was installed using a ceiling pole mount and focused to a 119" Da-Lite Model C projection screen with Da-Lite's Video Spectra 1.5 finish. This screen surface is specially designed with a reflective coating, which provides an increased amount of brightness with a moderately reduced viewing angle. The increased gain of this surface makes it suitable for environments where ambient lighting is uncontrollable.

FirstComm upgraded the existing audio system with a Samson S-Zone mixer. The S-Zone allows the client to send one of four audio sources to any of 4 zones of the restaurant. The existing amplifiers and speakers were rewired using commercial grade 16/2 cabling. All amplifier settings were re-tuned to provide optimum sound quality.

FirstComm turns over yet another on-time and on-budget system.

  • Client: Fairview Grill
  • Services: Audio Video